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Jannat House

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80500, Off Kenyatta Road, 195 Lamu Island



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Offering an outdoor pool, garden and a restaurant, Jannat House is located in Lamu Old Town. It is situated a short walk away from the Waterfront and the Main Road. Free Wi-Fi access is available.

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Other known names

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Jannat House restaurant in Lamu. Get Jannat House restaurant Contact Details, Reviews, Menu, Map, Location and more at EatOut

Jannat House Mombasa, Coast, Kenya Jannat means paradise in Arabic. The hotel is situated in the old town of Lamu. The beaches are not far from the property. The ...

Jannat House is formed of 3 interlinking houses set around a central garden and swimming pool. ln traditional Arabic architecture, this attractive building has been ...

I would highly recommend this marvelous Jannat House in Lamu town to anyone especially families. The staff was friendly and always willing to help with any advice or ...


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