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Villa Sumska

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88446 , Rudi Polje bb- Susceva Draga


Bosnia and Hercegovina

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Set in a traditional mountain house just 2.5 km from Blidinje ski slopes, Villa Sumska offers rustic-style accommodation with sloped ceilings surrounded by forest. Barbecue facilities and free private parking are provided.

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Other known names

Villa Sumskaa, Villa Sumsma, Villa Sunska, Villa Suumska, Volla Sumska, Villa Sumxka, Villa Sumdka, Villa Sumeka, VVilla Sumska, Villa Smska, Vill aSumska, Villa Suska, iVlla Sumska, Vill Sumska, Vklla Sumska, Vlla Sumska, Vipla Sumska, VillaS umska, Villa Sumzka, Viilla Sumska, Vikla Sumska, Villa Sumska, Vila Sumska, Villa Sumaka, Villla Sumska, illa Sumska, Villa Sukska, Villa Sumsk, Villa Sumsoa, Vilka Sumska, Villa Sumksa, Vlila Sumska, Vulla Sumska, Villa Sumsak, Villa Summska, Villa Shmska, Viloa Sumska, Villa Simska, Villa Sumsla, Villa Sumsa, Villa Sumsca, Villa Sumsja, Villa Sumska, Villa umska, Villa Susmka, Villa Sumscka, Villa Sumskw, Vills Sumska, Viola Sumska, Villa Sumsks

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