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Hotel Manastir Berovo

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4 stars




2330, 6 Kiril i Metodij Str.



Hotel information

Located in the Maleshevo Mountain region, just 10 metres from the Monastery of St. Archangel Michael, Hotel Manastir Berovo features a restaurant and bar with a summer terrace, spa facilities, a fitness room and sports facilities, as well as a...

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Other known names

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Weather and Climate: Berovo, Macedonia, average monthly ...

Weather and Climate information for Berovo, Macedonia. Average ... What's the best time to travel to Berovo in Macedonia? ... HUTD Hotel Manastir Berovo. ***.

Dina (Dafinka) Mucunska Co-owner and General Manager at Hotel ...

Dina (Dafinka) Mucunska Co-owner and General Manager at Hotel MANASTIR, Berovo, Macedonia MacedoniaLeisure, Travel & Tourism Current HOTEL ...

Hotel Manastir Berovo | HOTAM Hotel Association of Macedonia

Hotel Manastir Berovo. The hotel complex “Manstir” is located within the divine beauty of the Maleshevo mountains, nearby the monastery of St. Archangel ...

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