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Le Sifah Resort Apartments

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Middle East

130, Jebel Sifah

As Sīfah,


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Located within Jebel Sifah Resort in Oman, Le Shifa Resort Apartment is surrounded by lush gardens, white sandy beaches and Hajjar Mountains. It boasts free wired internet, an outdoor pool and a private beach.

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Hotel Le Sifah Resort Apartments, As Sifah, Oman - Lowest ...

Book 4 Stars Hotel Le Sifah Resort Apartments located at Jebel Sifah Marina 130 As Sifah in As Sifah, Oman at

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Le Shifa Resort Apartment is conveniently located in the popular As Sifah area. Offering a ... Le Sifah Resort Apartment Muscat City Photo Gallery ... Tags: Oman.

Le Sifah Resort Apartments in As Sifah (Oman) - hotel on ...

Le Sifah Resort Apartments, Jebel Sifah Marina - As Sifah - Oman, 0 reviews from the Guests, check-in: 15:00:00, check-out: 12:00:00.

Le Sifah Resort Apartment - Offres, Prix de chambres et ...

... Resort Apartment. Jebel Sifah Marina, As Sifah, Muscat 130, Oman ... Faites un arrêt au Le Sifah Resort Apartment pour découvrir les merveilles de Mascate.

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