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Pansion Palace

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3 stars




88000, M. Tita 169


Bosnia and Hercegovina

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Pansion Palace is located in the heart of the UNESCO-protected town. Just 100 metres from the Old Bridge, it offers accommodation with free Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

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Other known names

Pansion Pakace, Pamsion Palace, Pansiion Palace, Pansion Palcae, Panison Palace, Pansion Place, Pansion Pallace, Pansion Palce, Pansion Palacd, Panaion Palace, Panion Palace, Pansion Palzce, Pahsion Palace, Pwnsion Palace, Pansion alace, Pannsion Palace, Pansion Palacce, Pansion Paace, Pansiob Palace, Pansioh Palace, Pansion Pslace, Pansino Palace, Pnasion Palace, PPansion Palace, Pansion aPlace, Pansoon Palace, Pansin Palace, Pansioon Palace, Pansion Palaxe, Pajsion Palace, PansionPalace, Panxion Palace, Pansion Palacke, Pansionn Palace, Pznsion Palace, Pansion Palae, aPnsion Palace, Pansion Palave, Pansio nPalace, PansionP alace, Pansion Palacs, Pansion Palwce, Pansion Palacr, Paneion Palace, Pandion Palace, Pnsion Palace, Pansikn Palace, Pansion Pzlace, Pansipn Palace, Pansioj Palace

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