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Wadi Rum Lovers Camp

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Middle East

77110, Al Khazali77110 Wadi Rum,Protected Area

Wadi Rum,


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Wadi Rum Lovers Camp is located in the protected area of Wadi Rum, 70 km from Gulf of Aqaba and 120 km south of Petra. Buffet meals are cooked on the spot by a Bedouin cook. The tents can accommodate from 1 person to 10 people.

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Other known names

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Wadi Rum Camp has many years of experience organizing ... Wadi Rum, an exceptional desert landscape and rock formation in the South of Jordan formed over ...

About Our Camp. CONTACT. ... Wadi Rum is one of Jordan's main tourist attractions being the most stunning desertscape in the World, lying 320 km southwest of Amman, ...

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