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Damrei Chlorng Homestay

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Chhub village, knapo commune,25km from siem reap

Phumĭ Chŭb Chănt Sâr,


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Damrei Chlorng Homestay is located in Phumĭ Chŭb Chănt Sâr. This simple and affordable homestay offers free bicycle rentals and cooking classes. Dormitory rooms are clean and simply furnished with mattresses and mosquito nets.

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Other known names

Damrei Chlorng Homestay, Dwmrei Chlorng Homestay, Damrri Chlorng Homestay, Damrei Choorng Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Homsstay, Damrei Chlornb Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Homestayy, Damrei Chlorng Homesttay, Damrei Clhorng Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Homestqy, Damrei Chkorng Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Homesta, Damre iChlorng Homestay, Damrei Cylorng Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Homsetay, Damrie Chlorng Homestay, Damrei Chlirng Homestay, Damei Chlorng Homestay, Damri Chlorng Homestay, Damrei Chlorhg Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Homesaty, Damreo Chlorng Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Homestag, Damfei Chlorng Homestay, Damrei Chlornt Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Himestay, Damrei Chlorng Homeestay, Damreii Chlorng Homestay, Dmrei Chlorng Homestay, Damrei Clorng Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Homestsy, Damrei Chporng Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Hokestay, Damrei Chlprng Homestay, Dsmrei Chlorng Homestay, Damrei Chlonrg Homestay, DamreiChlorng Homestay, Danrei Chlorng Homestay, Damrei Chlorny Homestay, Damrei Chlorng omestay, Damrei Chlorng Homestah, Damrdi Chlorng Homestay, Damrei Cjlorng Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Hometay, Damrei Chloorng Homestay, Damrei Chlrng Homestay, Damreei Chlorng Homestay, Damrei Chlorng Homwstay, Damrei Chlorbg Homestay, Damre Chlorng Homestay

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